he/him white cisgay tokkidan

i don’t have carrd pro ok. ignore this page just play the music and act like u never saw rhis back

hi i’m matthew i’m obsessed with nu’est and their concept lore and the members and their music everything about them

i also like shinee, tvxq/jyj (not yoochun),
after school, onf, seventeen, & more

here are more of my interests please read this help i like a lot of things

choi mingi (ren) from nu’est is actually my everything he’s been my ult bias since 2015 we are in a parasocial relationship i have 4 things signed by him DNI IF YOU HATE HIM🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

byf i have extreme paranoia issues; don’t tag me in things, share my posts, or add me to groupchats without my permission

dni if you post indirects, nu’est antis, akgaes, shippers, wannables, produce supporters, & company stans esp hybe & pledis stans